The Linen Dress

My first post of the summer and I decided to write about my favourite trend of the season: the linen trend. I have so many pieces I could write (and will write) about when it comes to the linen trend but where better to start than a linen dress.

Every summer, I love to buy a stand out dress that will last me through the season. Last year, my summer staple was The Little White Dress, a stunning white broderie design with lace up detail and puffed shoulders. This time, I’m loving striped linen and it’s versatility as a lightweight summer dress.

There are so many designs for linen out there this season: classic beige, white linen and of course, pinstripe. The blend of the beige stone colour with the white was calling out my name when I saw this Topshop linen dress and the tortoiseshell button detail was the cherry on top.

I styled the dress with effortlessly simple accessories: my trusty tortoiseshell hoops from Accessorize and this classic T Bar 18ct Gold Plate necklace that I was recently gifted from Daisy London Jewellery as part of their Daisy London necklaces collection.

Linen is everywhere this season and you will be seeing much more of the trend on the blog (in the last few months I have bought a striped linen top, a striped linen skirt, a striped linen pant suit…). I’ve gone seriously linen crazy this summer. I think what draws me to the trend is not only it’s versatility in the summer months (even though the British summer at present doesn’t call for such cooler materials), but it’s minimalism. The finish from linen is crisp and clean cut and it’s that perfect smart casual vibe that I strive for in my wardrobe.

Have you treated yourself to any linen pieces this season? As always I’d love to know your thoughts on the blog!


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