proto-col Mineral Make-Up and Collagen Skincare

proto-col collagen skincare, mineral foundation, baked colour correctHey dolls! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I recently received some products from British natural health and beauty brand, proto-col. I have been trying them out and wanted to share a review with you. As always, I only ever post my honest opinions and would never recommend anything I didn’t like myself.

Baked Mineral Colour Correct

So if you saw my insta story, you’ll know just how excited I was to try this. I’m loving experimenting with colour correcting at the moment (I recently reviewed the Make Up Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette), so when I received this product I was super excited to try it. I mean, it’s a powder AND a colour corrector all in one?! As much as I love playing with a colour correcting palette when I have time to spend on my make up, this product is the absolute dream for quick application.

The older I’ve got, the less I care about wearing make up everyday. In fact I’d say I spend 90% of my days make up free now. But that doesn’t mean my skin doesn’t have its off days (quite often to be honest!) where quick spruce up would go a long way. Enter the proto-col Baked Mineral Colour Correct! A quick dusting of this all over instantly tones down any redness I have, evens out any yellow tones and brightens my overall complexion. I recently burnt my nose (happens every time) and it even completely covered that! Because of its mineral qualities, it doesn’t take much blending and doesn’t go flakey or cakey at all, making it a great base before applying make up or just as a powder on its own!

proto-col, colour correct, make up, powder

Baked Mineral Foundation

Being a strictly liquid foundation girl (when I wear it), I didn’t think I’d be too impressed with this product. How wrong I was! My skin is pretty clear at the moment (aside from the nose burn) so I thought I’d test this out for work. I don’t wear make-up when I work weekends except maybe concealer or mascara when I can be bothered. I put a light dusting of this all over my face and neck and wow…I’m sold. The colour made my skin look incredible and really made my tan pop. It gave me a really sheer glowy look which I’ve never had from a mineral foundation before. But the best part was, it lasted all day and kept my oil at bay! It seemed to just soak up any oil (and I get a LOT as the day goes on) and kept my skin looking sheer.

I’m honestly so impressed with this product and can’t wait to use it in the coming months. I think it’s going to be my go-to holiday beauty product as I can imagine it’ll be amazing for a light coverage during the day in hotter, sunnier climates and will banish my dreaded oil.

proto-col, mineral foundation, make up

Collagen Technology Triple Pack

The final products I received were the collagen technology trio. Although the perfect travel size, a little of each of these products goes a long way! I started out with the microdermabrasion, a light soufflé facial polish containing micro-fine diamonds and pearl extract (a product made for prins like me – it’s SO pretty!). My skin can be quite sensitive when it comes to scrubs so this was such a relief product for a complexion that desperately needs exfoliating but flares up when scrubbed too much. I applied a tiny amount, rubbing it in with small circular motions. It was a very relaxing experience and I kid you not, my skin has been glowing ever since. Of course my blemishes are still there but it just looks so much healthier and glowy and feels so much smoother.

The second product is the collagen facemask. I applied a small amount straight after the microdermabrasion and left it to soak for fifteen minutes. The product felt so luxurious and had that spa treatment smell to it. Although I haven’t got any wrinkles or fine lines yet (I have all that to look forward to), this, combined with the microdermabrasion, has definitely left my skin feeling plumper, more hydrated and dewy – a serious glow-up.

Finally the moisturising facial gel. As someone with oily/combination skin (oh the joys), this gel has been a dream, particularly for summer. I hate wearing make-up in the summer and although I like to just let my skin breathe, of course, I still need to moisturise. The proto-col moisturising face gel felt so light on my skin, giving me just the right amount of moisture to hydrate whilst keeping pesky oil at bay. Similarly when I have worn make-up, it’s provided a great hydrating yet light-weight base.

proto-col, facemask, exfoliator, moisturiser, collagen, skincare

All in all I’ve absolutely loved my proto-col products and will definitely be trying their others soon! The fact they’re all plant based and natural just makes me feel so much happier about using them. I love knowing exactly what’s going on my skin is doing nothing but good. Alongside proto-col, I’m offering one lucky winner the chance to win all these products to try out for yourself! All you have to do is follow both Blonde Ambition and proto-col on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments of any photos of the products! Don’t miss out on the chance to win and good luck!



Proto-Col Collagen Technology Triple PackProto-Col Baked Mineral FoundationProto-Col Baked Mineral Colour Correct
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