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I am obsessed with sunglasses. I never used to own that many and then over the years (particularly this year – I’ve bought five pairs already!), I’ve just accumulated more and more. I’ve written the sunglasses edit to showcase some of my favourite styles, with the aim to inspire and help you find the perfect pair for summer. I’ve chosen a variety of styles which will suit all kinds of face shapes and looks! As always, I’ve linked all products (or similar items) below for you to shop!

The Cat Eye

Whether you have the YSL originals or these Ebay dupes (I KNOW!!), the exaggerated cat eye has been the sunglasses style of the season, seen on every blogger on Instagram (myself included). In all honesty, I think it’s a tough style to pull off and I’m not sure I do but it’s such a fun, flirty style, I go for it anyway and you should too!

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The Hexagonal Shape

If you were to buy just one pair this season, make it a pair of shaped sunglasses. Round, octagonal or hexagonal, there’s so many shapes to choose from. I recently bought this pair of Bershka hexagonal sunglasses (they were actually from the mens section oops) and I’m in love. They’re the perfect RayBan dupe and as much as I love round sunnies, the hexagonal shape just seems to suit my face shape better. Plus I just think they look so cool.

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The Round Sunglasses

Think less John Lennon, more retro chic and you can pull off the round sunglasses. Round sunglasses are everywhere this season, with classic styles (another RayBan dupe – shop my round sunglasses here), coloured mirror lenses and the more elegant take on the trend, the clubmaster style. I picked up these Rayban dupes from Primark for just £2!!!

Coconut Lane have so many mirrored lenses and even some YSL dupes in different colours on offer at the minute and they’re SO affordable! Plus, if you use code BLONDEAMBITION20 you can bag yourself an extra 20% off!

hexagonal sunglasses, round sunglasses, coloured mirror lens, clubmaster sunglasses, rayban dupes

Another take on the trend is the round aviator style. One sunglasses trend I really can’t pull off is the aviator – they just make me look like some sort of mutant insect. Anyway, for those of you like me who love aviators but can’t wear them, the round aviator are for you! They’re basically round glasses but with the brow bar detail of aviators…the best of both worlds! The round lens as opposed to the sloping lens of the aviator is a lot less harsh on rounder face shapes and produces a much less buggy effect. Even better, these exact sunglasses are currently in the River Island sale for just £7!!!

round aviator sunglasses

round aviator, clubmaster, round sunglasses, mirror lens, rayban dupes

The Oversized

And for those non-daring types who want a classic style that never goes out of fashion, oversized sunglasses are for you. Perfectly chic for any outfit and big enough to cover all signs of a hangover, this firm favourite comes back year after year. This is my go-to style when I want a glam look on holiday or out shopping as opposed to a more retro style.

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    I honestly need a mirror that slaps me in the face and tells me to go and get changed. While I’m waiting for someone to invent it, I am so glad that blogs like yours exist!!

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