What to Wear in Paris in Spring

Despite being one of my favourite cities in the world, and a dream of mine to visit since being a little girl, I had only ever been to Paris twice before my trip there this spring. So you can imagine my delight when I opened my boyfriend’s gift to me on Christmas morning last year and discovered he was taking me to Paris (well, after first joking that we were going to Blackpool…). Paris in springtime I thought, how perfect…and then of course my fashionista brain kicked in. What on earth will I wear? If you have a similar trip planned and are thinking the same thing I did, read on for my guide to what to wear in Paris in spring.

Floral Dresses

Florals for spring? Ground breaking, I know. But trust me, you’ll want to pack at least one floral dress for your trip to Paris in the springtime.

Suit Co-Ord

There’s nothing quite like a cropped blazer and skirt co-ord to have you feeling your most sophisticated self.

Black Linen

For an ultra Parisian look that doesn’t look out of place any time of year, stick with black linen. I’m talking blazers, skirts, shorts, dresses- you just can’t go wrong.


For our day trip to Montmartre, I just had to wear gingham. Just pass me my beret and baguette and I’ll be on my way.

Breton Stripe Top

If someone asked me to name just one thing to wear in Paris in spring, my immediate thought would probably be a breton stripe top.

Chanel Dupe Ballet Flats

And when it comes to shoes, will anything else but a pair of Chanel dupe ballet flats do? Paris is a huge city to explore so something stylish yet super comfortable for your feet is a must.

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