The Power Suit

Week six of lockdown and I still can’t quite believe the situation we find ourselves in. The past two months have been a bizarre/hectic/sad yet very productive time for me. The time I’ve spent at home – although still working – has allowed me to get into a routine I only ever dreamed of before. I’m running more, completing workouts every day and I’m actually blogging and creating content!

And whilst I admit, I spend most of my days makeup free, hair on top of my head varying between pyjamas and gym wear, once a week I make the effort to dress up, create some content and feel fab about myself. That’s where the power suit comes in.

The phrase ‘power dressing’ derives from the movement in fashion that saw women being empowered through the art of dress. We can see from the 1920s onwards the decrease of corsets and heavy decoration with couturiers such as Chanel paving the way for a new generation of the way in which women dressed. The introduction of women’s trousers was a controversial move in the fashion world, but one which any modern woman would follow.

These changes in fashion linked arms with the movements in history, as women became little by little more respected in society. We could now vote and it was becoming more common for a woman to work. The eighties in particular saw a boom in power dressing with trouser suits and androgynous styles becoming the norm of the era. We could attend a meeting as a corporate lawyer, meet our girlfriends for lunch all before picking up the kids from school. We could do it all and the power suit symbolised that.

I love styling a full trouser suit with plenty of feminine touches for an ultra sexy look. Layering a lace bodysuit under the jacket, allowing it to peek through with accents of delicate jewellery to finish the look. I’ve been obsessing over suits at the minute whether it’s a trouser suit or a shorts and blazer combo, I’m all for the professional look at the minute.

Stacked T Bar Necklace

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Julia Catherine Ward

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