What to Wear for an Evening in Nice

The final holiday destination of my summer and I found myself in Nice. I’ve been wanting to visit the French Riviera for so long and Nice seemed the perfect place to stay. Not as expensive as its more famous counterparts, it was a stunning location to have as a base before exploring other parts of the coast.

But let’s get down to the real business. The outfits. The colour scheme for my wardrobe this holiday (of course there was a colour scheme) was blues, whites and ochre. I know, blue and white stripes for the Cote D’Azur, shock, but I honestly think it’s such a classic combination to go for if your stuck for ideas. Throw on a blue striped shirt, a pair of white shorts and some tan sandals and you’re rocking Riviera chic. It’s that simple.

However, what do you wear for an evening in Nice? Yes you could continue with the classic blues and whites, but since I’ve been obsessing over ochre all summer (perfect example here), I wanted to continue the theme through to my final holiday of the year and shake up my evening outfit. Sticking to ochre was super easy with my Nice wardrobe choices as nothing compliments blue and white more than a splash of mustard.

Floaty dresses and skirts will be your best friends in Nice. Keeping you cool yet chic, they’re the perfect pieces for the evening, especially in the hot months of July and August. This dress was actually an amazing find on a Spanish market. Markets are the perfect way to find hidden gems especially if, like me, you love to find original pieces that you know no-one else will be wearing when you get home. As much as I love my high-street favourites, there’s nothing more frustrating than going out and seeing someone wearing your exact jacket at the exact same time as you.

My accessories were very similar to those in my The Little White Dress post, including those gorgeous ochre sandals (which are now on sale by the way!). However I also featured this stunning wooden cross body bag from Zara. The wooden accents complimented the ochre tones so well and really added to that Riviera feel.

For an evening filled with escargots, exploring and more eating, this outfit was perfect for feeling floaty and free (and hiding any bloating!).


Julia Catherine Ward
Julia Catherine Ward

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