The Camel Coat You Should Invest In

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Hi I’m Julia and I am addicted to buying coats. Ever since I first started shopping for myself, I have without fail treated myself to at least one coat every year (okay definitely at least two – new seasons call for new coats okay!) and this year has been no exception. In fact, this year I have actually bought FOUR new coats…what can I say, it’s an addiction.

But despite my love of outerwear, I am quite the fusspot when it comes to buying a new coat. I quite often favour a more expensive, high-quality garment over more throwaway fashion types (although I do have a stunning baby blue Primark coat which could rival a Zara purchase). For the last few years, I have been in constant search for a camel coat to add to my collection and whilst so many high street stores have released their own versions, they’ve never quite hit the mark for me.

And then about a month ago I stumbled across the camel coat of dreams in & Other Stories. Oversized whilst having a defined waistline and tie belt, it’s the perfect best-of-all-worlds coat when it comes to practicality, comfort and style. Made from an alpaca wool blend with tortoiseshell button detail, the texture is so soft and the material so premium, I instantly fell in love. But the colour of the coat was a major selling point for me. Many other camel coats that I have come across have tended to be much too dark and more tan in colour to me. With a camel coat, I’m looking for a buttery soft, light, well…camel colour…!

I believe coats, bags and shoes are the ultimate investment pieces, the pieces that should be considered when you’re in the mood to splurge. This coat for example came in at £165 (with 10% off when you subscribe to the mailing list…thank me later) and I honestly have no regrets. For me, that is a lot of money to spend on a coat at this point in my life. Of course, in the future I hope £165 seems like pennies but you get my drift.

camel coat, & other stories alpaca coat, fashion blogger, midi skirt

To me, the camel coat is a timeless classic, and so spending that bit extra on a good quality one is a no-brainer as I will reap the rewards for years to come. How do you feel about investment pieces? How much would you be willing to spend on a new coat? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the post below!

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