The Best PRADA Dupes on the High Street

As much as I’d love to be able to shop PRADA on the regular, my bank balance says otherwise. From the re-edition nylon bags to their chunky loafers, PRADA has been killing the ready-to-wear game lately. If like me you adore the brand and their iconic pieces, but perhaps don’t want to fork out a small fortune on an albeit high-quality but nevertheless expensive bag or pair of shoes, read on for the best Prada dupes I’ve found on the high-street right now.

Beige PRADA bag dupe

PRADA Re-Edition 2005 Dupes & PRADA 2000 Bags Dupes

PRADA really hooked onto the nostalgia trend with its collection of reissue bags. And whilst £750 is considered good-going in the world of luxury handbags, it’s still an awful lot of money for us mere mortals. My favourite from the collection has to be the Prada Re-edition 2005 Shoulder Bag in Desert Beige. And so, I went on the hunt for a suitable high-street dupe. While my Monki version pictured here is sadly no longer available, I’ve rounded up the current best PRADA bag dupes on the high-street right now below.

Prefer the Re-Edition 2005 Cross-Body style? There are plenty of versions on the high street with the illustrious detachable zip purses too that add an instant edge to any look.

PRADA Cleo Bag Dupes

Another reinterpretation of an iconic 90s design of the brand, the PRADA Cleo is a minimalist dream with its sleek curved lines and rounded bottom and sides. But coming in at a huge £1,850, it isn’t exactly the bag for everyone’s budget. That however doesn’t mean we have to miss out, and so I’ve done the hard work for us all and found the best dupe versions on the high street right now.

Black croc embossed PRADA loafer dupes

PRADA Loafers Dupes

Of course, we couldn’t have a Prada dupes post without mentioning loafers. Essentially a very chunky black loafer with the iconic PRADA logo in a sleek brushed leather, it’s a difficult shoe to match. But I never shy away from a challenge in the name of fashion and so I’ve searched the corners of the high street to find you the best PRADA loafer dupes out there.


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