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Hi loves! I feel like I haven’t done a beauty post for a while, especially a holiday beauty post (you can read my last one here). So I’ve decided to tell you all about current holiday beauty heroes. Basically all the products I’ve been wearing and loving whilst on my holidays!

Skinkissed Serum I was recently gifted this serum to try out and I’m really impressed! I was initially scared of using serums for fear they’d make my combination/oily skin even oilier but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. If anything, I’ve found this serum to be a lot less heavy than most moisturisers! A factor which is great for when on holiday – there’s nothing worse than heavy formulas! I also have some scarring on my face from previous spots and this has definitely made a difference in evening my skin out!

Hawaiian Tropic Air Soft Face SPF 30 SPF is an absolute must but I find normal sun creams to be too oily for my face and in turn give me dreaded spots. NOT what you need on holiday! So when I discovered that Hawaiian Tropic did a sun cream specifically for your face, I was so happy. It smells amazing and has all the same benefits as a normal SPF, yet it’s such a lightweight, non-greasy formula, you forget it’s even a suncream! This is a must have for your holiday beauty regime and you can buy it here!

beauty, make up, kiko gold waves, skinkissed serum, kiko

Kiko Gold Waves Fluid Foundation SPF25 Now I must admit, I didn’t actually wear this on holiday as I prefer to go foundation free in summer. However, if you have to wear foundation, this is a great lightweight formula where a little goes a long way. It produces a really natural finish, not cakey at all, and it has an SPF25!

Kiko Gold Waves Metallic Eyeshadow If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a sucker for Kiko limited edition products. So when I picked up these new metallic eyeshadows I was so excited to try them. They have such a luxe feel to them and the colours are stunning. They really produce that wet-look, sleek editorial eye which looks insane on holiday. I’m hoping to do a review of these soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Iconic Liquid Illuminator Drops in Original And last but not least, the cult product I adore. If, like me, you are obsessed with nailing that glow, then this is the highlighter for you. On holiday, I literally contour and then apply this. Be careful not to add too much (I know, the temptation is real) or you run the risk of looking like your face is literally melting off. Especially if you’re prone to shine and oil like me! This product is amazing though for adding a megawatt glow, not just on your face but anywhere on your body! I love using it on my collarbones for ultra highlight – it looks amazing with a tan! Click here to shop the product!

beauty, make up, kiko, kiko gold waves, iconic london

kiko, beauty, holiday, make up, hawaiian tropic, iconic london, skinkissed serumSo there you have my current holiday beauty heroes. What products can’t you live without on holiday? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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Julia Catherine Ward

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