Travel Diary: Five Things to do in Iceland

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Having read a travel magazine whilst on the plane back from Iceland, I felt so inspired to start doing more travel focused content on Blonde Ambition. My bucket list is entirely made up of places I want to visit in my lifetime after all. From now on I want to start giving you guys a more realist sort of guide to the places I have been so without further ado, here is my guide to five things to do in Iceland that I had the pleasure of doing during my stay.

The Golden Circle

If you do one thing whilst in Iceland, I would honestly put this at the top of your list. The Golden Circle (if you’re a little confused like I was about what it actually is) comprises usually of three stunning locations in southwest Iceland: Þingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Area, and the Gullfoss Waterfall. I’m a sucker for organised “let’s see lots of things in one day” kind of trips, and the Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour offered by Nicetravel, booked through Tripadvisor, was perfect for that.

The best thing about this trip for me was that, even though you’re seeing products of nature, they won’t let you down in that you might not get to see them (like the Northern Lights for example). The Þingvellir National Park is ideal for watching the sunrise across an unbelievable landscape whilst the Gullfoss Waterfall is there to simply take your breath away at it’s enormity. And of course the Geysir’s speak for themselves. We must have stood and waited for it to shoot up about twelve times and the experience still did’t get old. Nature honestly amazes me sometimes but it was on a whole other level in Iceland so brace yourself!

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland, Sunrise
gullfoss waterfall, iceland
geysir, geyser, iceland

Blue Lagoon

No trip to Iceland (especially one that’s going all over Instagram) would be complete without a dip in the Blue Lagoon. Initially I thought this ticket was ridiculously overpriced (£70 just for entry and a towel?!) but I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived that this fee also covered a free face mask and first free drink of any kind. Plus the actual place itself was to die for. We only spent a couple of hours here and if I was to go back, I would 100% want to spend a full day. The whole experience was so soothing and there’s nothing quite like immersing yourself into a hot lagoon when it’s -5 degrees outside!

fashion blogger, iceland, blue lagoon, reykjavik

The Northern Lights

Of course, this is potentially the main thing people think of when they think Iceland. But seeing the Northern Lights isn’t as easy as booking a tour and showing up. I booked our tour through Tripadvisor which the company Reykjavik Excursions. The policy with the tour means that if the trip is cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions, or if you do go on the trip but don’t get to see the lights, you are entitled to go on the tour again the next evening. And so we did. Three times to be exact!

Unfortunately, as much of Iceland’s “best bits” as it were are obviously based on nature, you have absolutely no control of whether or not nature is going to play for you. For us, it took three attempts to finally get lucky and see the Northern Lights. So be patient and try not to let it get to you! It’s so frustrating but tour companies like Reykjavik Excursions are absolute gems, helping you persevere and genuinely caring that you get to see the stunning natural phenomenon.

the northern lights, iceland, reykjavik, thingvallir national park

Whale Watching

Another tour I booked us on through TripAdvisor, this time with Reykjavik Sailors. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any humpback whales which was quite disappointing but once again, you can’t control nature! We did however get to see a cute family of dolphins which came really close to the boat. This trip was lovely but I would advise anyone who gets sick when travelling to maybe think twice about this trip. I’m fine with flying usually but given the snowy weather, I decided to take one of the motion sickness tablets offered by the crew before setting off and even that didn’t help. This is a long trip and the conditions can be quite choppy so be prepared for that! I have a feeling this trip is one that would be better saved until Summer.

whale watching iceland, fashion blogger

Icelandic Horse Riding

Whilst unfortunately I didn’t have enough days left to do any actual horse riding, we did manage to visit a farm, thanks to our guide on the Nicetravel tour, with some unbelievably cute Icelandic horses. I would absolutely love to amble through the Icelandic countryside on one of these beauties, but once again, probably in Summer!

icelandic horse, fashion blogger, iceland, the golden circle

Of course, there are so many other trips to embark on and things to do in Iceland but since I was only there for a short stay, I have given you a very brief overview of what tours are available out there for you. The next time I have the chance to go to Iceland again, I would love to visit the Secret Lagoon in Fludir, the Lava Caves and, of course, ride the Icelandic horses.

Have you ever been to Iceland? Let me know your experiences and, as always, your thoughts on the post!


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  1. jenna
    February 10, 2019 / 9:15 pm

    Great post – I have always wanted to go to Iceland ever since my cousin talked about it and STILL keeps telling me to go 🙂 I will definitely be referencing this post when I finally end up going.
    -Jenna ♥
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